Lindsay and Dina Moving into Secret Location

December 29, 2010 By:
Lindsay and Dina Moving into Secret Location


Hollyscoop spoke with Michael Lohan about Lindsay possibly moving in with her mother, and he told us EXCLUSIVELY, "I don't think Lindsay will move in with Dina and move to NYC.

"If Dina wants to move to LA with the kids and be ok with my relationship with Lindsay, then great!"

Uh oh. This spells trouble. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly moving in with her mother Dina Lohan when she gets out of rehab next week.

According to, Linds is planning on staying with her mom and siblings in a secret location.

Lindsay Lohan's Post-Rehab Plan

A source says, "Lindsay will be staying at a (secret for now) location starting the 4th of January, with her family, mother and siblings. She also has the support of me and her other friends. As long as she doesn't fail any tests (and everyone is going to make sure she doesn't) she'll be put on summary (unsupervised) probation on February 25th."

"She [Lindsay] got to see her family on Christmas, and is of course staying at a new (secret for now) Betty Ford sober living house with out the cameras on her. From our conversations I'd say she's very lucid and clear minded."

Lindsay Promotes Bad Tans and Freckles

Not so sure this is the best idea. Dina is known to be Lilo’s biggest enabler of all. She’s probably half the problem Lindsay is in rehab in the first place. But honestly, I don’t know of a better solution—it seems like Lindsay’s doomed no matter what.

What do you think of this plan?