Lindsay and Dina Deny Michael Lohan From Family Therapy

October 17, 2010 By:
Lindsay and Dina Deny Michael Lohan From Family Therapy

Lindsay Lohan is making such great progress in rehab that she's scheduled for family therapy tomorrow, but her dad Michael Lohan won't be allowed to join.

Lindsay's enabling mother Dina Lohan and younger sister Ali have already been cleared for visitation and we hear Michael Jr., and Cody with her are also expected to join.

How does Michael feel about being left out in the dark? He's of course upset and wishes Lindsay and Betty Ford would realize how crucial his presence in the therapy session would be.

Meanwhile, Michael is upset with Dina over claims that she's shopping around a post rehab interview with Lindsay to make a quick buck. She's reportedly trying to get career advice from Kris Jenner, because lets face it, whatever Kris touches turns to gold.

"Dina is doing it for publicity and probably wouldn't even listen to a word of [Kris'] advice," Michael tells Hollyscoop. "Dina listens to nobody but the noises and 'little people' in her head."

"But," he continued, "if Kris was to give advice, she would probably say, lay off the botox, cut out the drinking and partying with your kids (especially Lindsay), stop using your kids as pawns and alienating them from their father and stop lying and DINA- nying."

Do you think Michael should be allowed in Lindsay's family therapy session? Is Dina wrong for denying him? Tell us your thoughts!