Lindsay and Dina Address her Hoarding Situation

February 4, 2010 By:
Lindsay and Dina Address her Hoarding Situation

Lindsay Lohan has been in the news this week for a very strange reason. Apparently behind closed doors she has been hoarding hundreds of items in her home, including shoes, clothes and handbags.

She recently spoke with The Insider about her bizarre bad habit, saying, "The biggest problem is that I have a lot of stuff. I finally have most of it in one place."

She also says all the junk she holds on to has been around "a long time – too long."

Dina Lohan has now stepped forward to address her daughter’s hoarding problem, which is rare since she’s always so quick to defend Lindsay.

Dina tells People she thinks that clearing out her space, with help from closet organizer to the stars Linda Koopersmith, will allow Lindsay get to a healthier emotional place. "She's growing up and she's been though a lot," Dina says. "She’s trying to move forward."

"My father used to say a disheveled room leads to a disheveled mind. We're donating a lot of it to charity. Some of it will go on our Web site"

But Dina did manage to go on the defensive, saying, "It's not just stuff that she bought," says Dina. “A lot if it is gifted so it's not necessarily stuff she buys. Like, a company will send five pairs of jeans. So we're going to donate items like that."

Lindsay believes getting rid of all the stuff in her house will allow her to clear her mind as well, and become more confident. She says in the interview, "There [are] a lot of people that are there for the wrong reasons. I started to realize a lot more was being taken from me than was given. It became more draining than anything else. In this industry people build you up to knock you down."

Part one of the interview airs on The Insider tonight so tune in to see this side of Lindsay we never knew about!