Lindsay Happy to Cooperate With Missing Jewelry Case

June 16, 2009 By:
Lindsay  Happy to Cooperate With Missing Jewelry Case

As Hollyscoop reported yesterday, Lindsay Lohan is being investigated after $411,316 worth of jewelry went missing from a photoshoot she recently did with Elle magazine.

The case has been turned over to London Metro police, who are investigating into who could have gotten their hands on the expensive necklace and earrings. And Lindsay Lohan is on the list of suspects.

A police spokesperson said, "We had an allegation of theft made to us on 8 June and that is being investigated. We want to speak to a number of people in connection with the inquiry."

But Lindsay’s rep feels confident her client has nothing to do with the jewels that went missing from the Big Sky Studios in London.

She says, “No one has contacted us yet, but Lindsay is happy to cooperate. Lindsay hopes they find the missing items."

Elle magazine made a statement saying they don’t believe Lindsay stole the items. Wonder what they’re really thinking though! Imagine if she is connected to the theft somehow? Then her career would really be over!