LiLo Sober At Dina's Reported Boozy Birthday Bash

September 17, 2012 By:
LiLo Sober At Dina's Reported Boozy Birthday Bash

Despite all of the reasons that Lindsay Lohan has given us not to trust her over the years, her recent drunken debauchery trek is not panning out…

Conflicting reports have been trickling in, accusing LiLo of going all out at her mother Dina Lohan’s 50th birthday party on Saturday. But, according to the source of the reports, no drinking actually went down.

The manager of Mio Posto, the restaurant in Hicksville, Long Island where Dina threw her party, tells Hollyscoop that the get-together was “nothing out of the ordinary.”

“There were about 12 people in their party,” the manager said. “They came in late because they wanted to have a more private and intimate gathering. Lindsay arrived with her grandma and the whole party was very calm and reserved.”

The original report of a rager can be sourced back to New York’s Daily News that dubbed the fiesta “rowdy.”

In the story, the publication quoted the manager saying both LiLo and her mom were drinking, with Lindsay enjoying a “double vodka and club soda.”

“She [Dina] drank mixed drinks,” Daily News quoted the manager. “She had a few.”

But, according to the restaurant’s rep, those statements are completely fabricated.

“I never told anyone that they drank,” the manager told Hollyscoop. “I was the one who spoke to media and that report is untrue.”

Despite the flip-flop, Lindsay’s Dad, Michael – who divorced Dina in 2007 – remains critical of her behavior.

“If Dina would stop with her lies and delusions of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ ‘Drama Mama Show,’ producing a movie for my son Michael, maybe she could get some help and be a mother,” Michael told Hollyscoop.

Even with the manager’s clarification seemingly clearing Dina’s name, Michael doesn’t buy it.

“She's probably hung over and doing it again tonight!” he said, reminding us of a previous drunken birthday bash at Philippe Chow in NYC, which resulted in more drama for the family.

“Maybe do something positive like I do with interventions on alcoholics,” he added, “instead of joining them!”