Judge Wants Lindsay Behind Bars

February 23, 2011 By:
Judge Wants Lindsay Behind Bars

So much for that movie role! Looks like Lindsay Lohan could be back behind bars faster than she can say "It wasn't me."

Lindsay is due back in court this afternoon (she could really consider just moving into the neighborhood!) to face grand theft charges and Judge Keith L. Schwartz is reportedly ready to throw the book at her.

According to TMZ, during the hearing prosecutor Danette Meyers will present Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, with a formal offer to plea bargain the case. The plea deal will include "significant" jail time. But Lindsay is willing to do just about anything to avoid going back to the slammer.

Judge Schwartz is expected to propose that Lilo accepts jail time for the probation violation and three years felony probation for the grand theft. And if she violates her probation again in the next three years, she's going to state prison.

Our favorite master jewelry theft behind bars? What in the world will we talk about?

If Lindsay doesn't accept a plea, the judge will set a date for a preliminary hearing. Stay tuned for more details!