Judge to Decide if Lindsay Will Go to Jail

July 6, 2010 By:
Judge to Decide if Lindsay Will Go to Jail

Lindsay Lohan walked into the Beverly Hills court this morning to face judge Marsha Revel because of two separate issues: whether or no she violated her probation, as well as her bail.

If the judge does decide Lindsay violated the terms, she will be sent to jail. The first violation in question is her attendance at her alcohol education classes. Lindsay did not complete her classes on time, but has since made up for the ones she missed.

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The second violation in question revolves around her SCRAM bracelet, which went off the night of the MTV Movie Awards. Lindsay had been partying that night, but swears she didn’t drink.

The prosecutor Danette Meyers says she has eyewitnesses who have proof Lindsay was indeed drinking that night. She also suggests that the SCRAM may have been tampered with.

The judge says that drinking is a violation of Lohan’s bail, and is permitting Meyers to call witnesses to prove if Lindsay was drinking.

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Meanwhile, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley claimed that she wasn’t prepared to cross-examine experts who will determine what happened with Lindsay’s SCRAM the night it went off.

The judge told Holley she will allow more time if she needs it. And based on the mounting evidence that is against Lindsay at this point, we’re sure she’s going to take any extra time she needs!

To recap, Lindsay is in hot water over two issues: violating her probation and violating her bail. Stay tuned to see if Lindsay’s next stop is the pokey!