Judge Refuses to Meet With Lindsay's Lawyer Before Hearing

October 20, 2010 By:
Judge Refuses to Meet With Lindsay's Lawyer Before Hearing

Lindsay Lohan’s hearing is on Friday and the judge is refusing to meet with her lawyers prior. Shawn Chapman Holley requested to schedule a meeting with Judge Elden Fox before the probation violation hearing in Beverly Hills.

But the judge has reportedly flat out denied Ms. Holley, according to RadarOnline.com.

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"Shawn had even contacted the D.A. to arrange the meeting, as she always has whenever the need has arisen to meet with the judge," said the source.

"Judge Marsha Revel agreed to meet routinely in the past with both sides, it's very common. But Judge Fox's refusal to meet with Lindsay's attorney is a very bad sign for the actress."

Friday’s hearing will determine if Lindsay will remain in rehab for the time being, or be sent back to jail. As you may recall, she only spent a few hours behind bars last month after she was able to post bail.

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"Lindsay's treatment team is recommending that she stay in rehab longer than 30 days," said the source. "Whatever Judge Fox orders Lindsay to do, she will comply with. Lindsay knows her fate is firmly in Judge Fox's hands.”

Lohan will leave Betty Ford early on Friday to arrive in court in Beverly Hills for the hearing.

What do you anticipate will happen??? There’s never a dull moment with Lindsay!