Jeweler: Lindsay's Tried to Steal Before

February 10, 2011 By:
Jeweler: Lindsay's Tried to Steal Before

According to a police report, Lindsay Lohan is a moron. But it may finally be paying off!

The report, obtained by TMZ, states that on January 18th, Lohan visited the same jewelry store, where she tried on a pair of white diamond earrings.

She then removed one earring, left the other one in, and haphazardly left her own, more expensive earrings on the counter while she shopped. We’ve all been there. Although with most of us, it’s not so much white diamond earrings as it is a pair of $3 flip-flops from Old Navy.

I think this sort of thing just happens when you’re rich. You leave expensive crap lying around and you don’t realize things still cost money.

In her defense, the store should really invest in those bulky security tags. Palais Royal does it, and you don’t see them in the news. If Kamofie & Company would’ve slapped one of those things on that $2,500 necklace, it would’ve saved everyone a lot of grief.