James Deen's Sexual Relationship With Lindsay Lohan Is Strictly Professional

July 4, 2012 By:
James Deen's Sexual Relationship With Lindsay Lohan Is Strictly Professional

When you’re a porn star does banging your friends count as taking your work home with you?

James Deen wouldn’t know. Apparently he doesn’t do it. The porn star recently shot down rumors that he was hooking up with Lindsay Lohan. The duo will be co-starring in an upcoming thriller film The Canyons.

His comments can be sourced back to an extended interview given with Animal New York.

“I can definitely, honestly say Lindsay Lohan and I are not having sex!” he said. "[If I was] I think I would tell everybody."

Rumors that they were getting it on in private started when they were first rumored to be starring in the sex-heavy film. Since then, the pair have been seen dining out together for production meetings.

Hollyscoop previously confirmed the casting decision with the film’s producer Braxton Pope.

“Lindsay is an actor that has the native ability and charisma that makes her compelling,” Pope told Hollyscoop. “Sexuality is an essential component of the story…there is nudity in the script but it is all about the director's sensibility…”

James, who has been called the “Tom Cruise of porn,” emphasized that Lindsay and his sexual relationship is strictly professional, citing that all the skin rubbing will be “necessary to the story.”

On a personal level, the pro sexer says Lindsay’s pretty normal in real life…

"I don’t know anything about her except for that she’s a really nice, down-to-earth, normal twenty-five-year-old girl,” he said.

Uh, are we talking about the same girl here? Yeah, but she just turned 26.

The Canyons is slated to start shooting on next week. Paul Shrader will direct while Bret Easton Ellis - writer of The Rules of Attraction and American Psycho - drafted the screenplay.