Is Lindsay Bad for Sister Ali Lohan's Health?

May 5, 2009 By:
Is Lindsay Bad for Sister Ali Lohan's Health?

Lindsay Lohan has been spending a lot of time with her little sister Ali Lohan following her split from Samantha Ronson.

While it's always great for two sisters to bond and spend quality time together, many are questioning whether it's a good idea for Ali to be spending so much time with Lindsay.

Lindsay has had a rough year...or two or three. And Ali looks up to Lindsay in every way. Only problem is Lindsay's life has become a bit of a mess lately, and her career is on a downward spiral. She's not exactly the best role model, to say the least.

Since her split from Sam, Lindsay has been spotted at Hollywood Hotspots with her 15-year-old sister, and the pair was even photographed in teensy bikini's last week in Hawaii. That kind of lifestyle can go to Ali's head quick. Hey, it did with Lindsay!

And now experts are weighing in on the situation and say the sibling relationship could actually be harmful to Ali's mental health.

"If you have an older child who is breaking a lot of the rules and engaging in dangerous and risky behavior, this can have a negative impact on the younger child," said Dr. Eva Ritvo, psychiatrist and vice chair of psychiatry at the University of Miami School of Medicine tells the New York Daily News.

"Adolescents are trying to break away from their family and they don't always make the best choices. They're looking for role models other than their parents, and often turn to peers and older sisters, who can have a very powerful influence on the younger child," she said.

A 15 year-old really has no business being in a nightclub. And we all know Lindsay's quite the party girl. At this point Ali is just observing, but in her eyes, her older sister can do no wrong. Of course, Dina Lohan isn't any better. So does everyone just sit back and wait for Ali to become just like her older sister? What are your thoughts? Do you think Lindsay's a bad influence on Ali?