Inferno Director on Lindsay: Good Riddance!

November 30, 2010 By:
Inferno Director on Lindsay: Good Riddance!

Now that Lindsay Lohanis officially out of the movie Inferno, everyone can stop pretending they were standing by her.

Director Matthew Wilder finally spoke up about the situation with Lindsay, and stopped sugar-coating, which I appreciate.

Lindsay Has Second Thoughts About Doing Porn

"I feel like 16 tons of weight are off my mind not having to deal with the Lindsay Lohan situation," Wilder told "We have not heard anything from Lindsay and her camp recently but we wish her and them well."

The gorgeous and talented Malin Akerman is the new Linda Lovelace, which Wilder says was a great decision. “I love working with her, she is sensitive and hard-working and I think it’s a great decision for our project,” he said.

Lindsay Lohan's Big Comeback Underway

Meanwhile, Dina Lohan Fox claimed Lohan opted out of the movie herself because of her current sitch in rehab, while others say she was fired from the role because she was costing the studio way too much damn money.

Plus, she gets out of rehab on January 3, but that doesn’t mean she automatically is allowed to get right back to work—so who knows how long Lilo would have delayed production!

"I think she has great talent and if she respects those gifts then she will go on to show people what she is capable of doing," Wilder said in an attempt to stay PC.

This is the best decision ever. Akerman is hot, and a great actress! Looking forward to seeing her nail the role.