Inferno Bosses to Lindsay: We Still Want You!

September 25, 2010 By:
Inferno Bosses to Lindsay: We Still Want You!

Lindsay Lohan might be in all sorts of trouble, but one person that's sticking behind her is the Inferno bosses.

Lindsay was supposed to film the Linda Lovelace biopic in Louisiana , but she's been too busy going to jail and trying to beat an addiction so they've decided to move to shoot to Los Angeles.

One thing is clear, they don't wanna lose Lindsay as the star of the film. Once they get situated in LA, they will begin shooting sometime in January.

A source told TMZ, "We're staying [in Los Angeles] -- good for the movie, but also the best way to deal with travel restrictions or other hijinks."

Lindsay should be spending her time fighting an addiction right now instead of playing a porn star.