How Lindsay is Staying Busy in Jail

July 29, 2010 By:
How Lindsay is Staying Busy in Jail

When you're confined to a 12-by-8 room for 22 hours a day, there's not much you can do to occupy your time. Luckily, Lindsay Lohan is spending most of her time eating junk food. She can definitely afford to gain a few pounds!

When asked how Lindsay is holding up in jail, her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said, “She’s good...She’s eating some Twizzlers.”

“She looks gorgeous. … She’s writing a lot. She’s creating art,” says Holley. “She’s a beautiful, talented, creative woman, and she’s going to come out and surprise you all!”

Lindsay can expect to be released as early as this Sunday or Monday after only serving two weeks of her 90-day sentence. Typical right?

But she's not entirely off the hook yet. She still has another 90 days in rehab to complete. And we're sure she's going to try to get her lawyer to get her out of that one too.