How Lindsay Lohan Could Get Felony Charge Dropped Today

April 22, 2011 By:
How Lindsay Lohan Could Get Felony Charge Dropped Today
Lindsay Lohan is due back in court today (when isn't she?!) to face the judge in connection to her Felony Grand Theft case. 
Good news for Lilo is there's a really good chance she can dodge the felony bullet today and have the charges downgraded to a misdemeanor.
According to TMZ, under California Penal Code, Section 17(b), the judge has the ability to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor at the end of a preliminary hearing if the offense is relatively minor and the defendant is not a hardened criminal with a long record.
Sure, she has a million DUI's under her belt, but those don't make her a serious criminal.
So long story short, she could leave court today with no jail time and no felony charge. If the judge decides to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor, it'll just be considered (another) probation violation.
This girl could get away with murder and it would somehow be reduced to a misdemeanor and she would serve 3 days behind bars. Too bad she doesn't have the same kind of luck with her career.