How Kyle Massey Feels About Lindsay Joining DWTS

December 7, 2010 By:
How Kyle Massey Feels About Lindsay Joining DWTS

Dancing With the Stars Contestant Kyle Massey made it to the very end of the show this year, before being beat out by Jennifer Grey.

But Kyle was a season favorite for sure, and he told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY who should be in the next season!

We had to ask Kyle what he thought about Lindsay Lohan joining the cast, which from what I hear, is a definite possibility!

Here's what he told us at KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball.

Why Lindsay Needs to Be on Dancing With the Stars

“If Lindsay Lohan was on Dancing With the Stars,” Kyle said emphatically, “I’d watch it every single day.”

So who else is on Massey’s short list? “Oprah,” he said. “Oprah needs to be on Dancing With the Stars.”

Yeah, if only it weren’t for that network she’s creating next year, it’d be perfect! Kyle’s last pick to round out the cast? “Kanye.”

“He’d never do it,” he said. “Bit if Kanye but if he did I’d watch it every day.”

Hey, the kid has aimed pretty high, but I like it!

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