Glee Cast Excited About Lindsay Lohan's Cameo on Show

April 3, 2012 By:
Glee Cast Excited About Lindsay Lohan's Cameo on Show

Lindsay Lohan is set to film her “Glee” episode soon where she will play a “celebrity judge” at Nationals, and the cast appears to be genuinely excited about it, despite Lindsay and Glee's almost-lawsuit drama.

Lindsay, who likes to sue people when they say mean, yet true things about her, threatened to sue Glee and show creator Ryan Murphy in 2010 when guest star Gwyneth Paltrow made a joke about Lindsay going to rehab.

Anyways, they’ve apparently buried that hatchet, or Lindsay just perked up at the thought of having a real job again because LiLo is set to make a cameo and the cast is buzzing.

Cory Monteith, the tall hot one, or “Finn” for those of you who care told Access Hollywood, “We’re super excited. She’s been through it all and I’m excited she’s coming to the show.”

Great job writing press releases for your cast, Ryan Murphy!

Harry Shum Jr, who pays Mike Chang also adds, “I think she’s funny!”

Harry also sheds some light on Lindsay’s former problems with the show and the almost-lawsuit, saying, They made amends.”

Yeah, Lindsay was like, “Imma sue you for making that joke about me” and then Ryan Murphy was like “how about some cash and a one episode arc on the show and we limit the jokes to stuff about ankle bracelets and morgue duty?” and then Lindsay was like, “Cut the morgue stuff and you got yourself a deal!”