Gerard Butler Denies Lindsay Romance

November 17, 2009 By:
Gerard Butler Denies Lindsay Romance

Gerard Butler is just trying to keep his street cred! Rumors about his personal life have been swirling for months now, and every other week it seems he’s allegedly hooking up with someone different.

But Gerry is putting a stop to all the lies, saying he never shacked up with Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan for that matter. He also says the constant tabloid stories are “getting ridiculous.”

Gerry recently did a television interview saying people just assume he’s dating whatever woman he’s photographed with, “even if I’ve just spoken to them for two seconds.”

“Even if it’s the early stage of you dating somebody, or even just a friend who’s a girl and you go ‘I want to take her down the red carpet’ — it’s not worth the bother,” he said.

“In actual fact, the crazy thing is I’ve had a couple of relationships during this that nobody knew about. Meanwhile they’re speculating about people who I have nothing going on with, so it’s been quite funny to witness this.”

When asked what kind of relationships he likes being in, Gerry replied, “I don’t know because often I feel that I meet a girl that is unexpected. is no rhyme or reason. I always thought I don’t want a girl who is too crazy, too much for me, and then I meet a girl who is crazy and I go, ‘Wow, she is amazing.’

“But I can’t ever give a definite kind of woman because there are different things in different women I might like. I might like a girl who is gentle and innocent, but then again I might like a woman who is more statuesque and strong and powerful, it’s the polar opposites. It just depends on the moment, on the person, on magic.”

We’ll be your girls any day of the week!