Gene Simmons: Lindsay Needs to Be B*tch Slapped

September 28, 2010 By:
Gene Simmons: Lindsay Needs to Be B*tch Slapped

What does Lindsay Lohan need to help her get back on the straight and narrow? According to rocker Gene Simmons, a good old-fashioned bitch slap!

Gene jokingly told Hollywood Life that he thinks Lindsay "needs to be b*itch slapped for her own good,” at the Guitar Hero event at LA’s Paramount Studio.

“You know, snap out of it. It’s like that Cher scene (in the 1987 film, Moonstruck), when she slaps Nick Cage,” he added.

He even thinks the Queen B Cher should be the one doing the slapping! "Oh, she could do it,” he told HL, “You know every once in a while some of us need that, some of us need to come back to reality.”

He added that it's really non of his business if Lindsay wants to spend her days high as a kite, but he is a little p-ed off that she got special treatment in jail recently.

“I don’t care if people get high or not, that’s their business, but I want equal treatment under the law. If you are going to put somebody in prison when someone has drugs on them once, and somebody is an actor or actress and they get high again and again and don’t go to prison — that is NOT equal treatment of the law!”

Well said Gene!