From JT to Lindsay: Celebs With Serious Stalkers

September 22, 2011 By:
From JT to Lindsay: Celebs With Serious Stalkers

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you have to request a restraining order against a stalker. Some celebs may have crazy fans, but some fans are so crazy they need a court mandated restraining order to keep them away.

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay was granted a restraining order just a couple months ago for a man named David Cocordan who was stalking her, claiming to be her fiancé, sending her hundreds of text messages, and showing up to her house and her court hearings. Wait? How’d he get her phone number?

Justin Timberlake: In 2009 Justin Timberlake had a lady stalker that claimed she was destined to rule the world and wanted to marry Timberlake so he could rule with her. Huh? Apparently her idea of marrying him meant repeatedly showing up at his house. Creepy!

Halle Berry: A man named Richard Franco (no relation to James Franco, though I wish it were) was accused of stalking Halle Berry when he appeared in her backyard on several occasions. One time Berry was standing in her kitchen, she turned around and the man was standing less than a foot away from her starring at her through the glass kitchen door! So freaky! He was probably breathing heavily through his mouth too! Restraining order granted!

Sandra Bullock: In 2003, Sandra Bullock had a creepy stalker who claimed he knew the actress and he traveled cross-country to meet her. Last year her lawyer filed restraint paperwork against the man and claimed in the docs that the man drove from Tennessee to Wyoming, “just to meet with [Bullock] at her home in Jackson Hole,” and that his “delusions and fixations concerning [Bullocks] had not subsided.”

Ryan Seacrest: Back in 2009 Ryan Seacrest had a stalker named Chidi Benjamin Uzomah, a 25 year old man who repeatedly tried to stalk all the places where Ryan works. The man was arrested outside the E! offices and also was lurking near the KIIS FM offices where he claimed to be “looking for Seacrest.” The guy was also arrested when he tried to get inside Seacrest’s car one time. Scary!

Audrina Patridge: Audrina Patridge once had a stalker who went so far as to give her gifts! And she accepted them! What!? A man named Zachary Loring kept showing up at her house and presented her with beer, wine, poetry and drawings. Take the alcohol girl! As long as it's unopened, it’s cool, right?

Janet Jackson: Janet Jackson had the same stalker for 9 years! Finally in 2005, she secured a three-year restraining order against the man who once showed up at a studio where she was recording, armed with a box cutter and a large pair of scissors. That’s either arts and crafts time, or a weird freaky stalker!