Friends and Family Fear for Lindsay's Life

October 14, 2009 By:
Friends and Family Fear for Lindsay's Life

Lindsay Lohan is a hot mess and refuses to accept the fact that she needs help. So her family and friends are ready to finally intervene.

Her father Michael Lohan has already spoken out about her drug use, and now her "pals" are speaking out, claiming they're scared for Lindsay's life.

“She’s a wreck, a mess, a disaster,” one pal tells Star. “She an obituary waiting to happen.”

Another pal added that the night before her big runway debut with her Emanuel Ungaro clothing line she was up till dawn partying.

“Her eyes were red and puffy, and at one point she started shouting and tearing up.”

Soon after, Lindsay collapsed on a couch and passed out. “Her friends had to get her out of there before things got any worse.

“She’s definitely hit rock bottom. The next level is six feet under.”

Wow those are some serious claims! Someone needs to get this girl back into rehab. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm for Lindsay---if they can actually convince her to go.