Former Betty Ford Patient: What Lindsay Can Expect in Rehab

September 30, 2010 By:
Former Betty Ford Patient: What Lindsay Can Expect in Rehab

Since Michael Lohan confirmed to Hollyscoop that Lindsay Lohan is in fact in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, CA, we’ve been dying to know what a day in the life is like at the infamous facility.

We spoke EXCLUSIVELY with a former patient who spent 30 days at Betty Ford, and she told us exactly what Lindsay can expect from the experience there.

When we asked if it was likely Lindsay would get special treatment for being a celebrity, our source said, “Not really.”

“The counselors there are adamant about not giving special treatment to celebrities,” said the former patient. “The only perk Lindsay will probably get is a bigger room.”

Patients at BF are paired up in dorm-like situations—each room containing two beds and two desks. There is a communal bathroom on every floor, which must be cleaned daily by the patients, including toilets being scrubbed.

Lohan is likely staying in the bigger “celebrity” room by herself, which also has its own bathroom. But the perks end there, says our source.

“Wake up call is at 5:30AM every day on the dot. If you don’t have your room and the bathroom in tip top shape before leaving for breakfast, you get a write-up,” says the insider.

Here’s what a typical day looks like at Betty Ford:

5:30AM: Wake up
6AM: Meditation hour- patients may write in their journal or walk around the rehab grounds
7AM: Breakfast as a group
10AM: Group lecture on substance abuse
12PM: Lunch as a group
3PM: Therapy sessions
5PM: Exercise
7PM: Dinner as a group
9PM: Lights out

Something that may affect Lindsay is the smoking policy on the grounds. While patients are permitted to smoke, they must do so at designated areas, and there is no sitting while smoking.
Patients must stand over ashtrays while they smoke.

There are two female halls and two male halls—there is no fraternizing between halls, including female to female. Speaking to someone of the opposite sex is strictly forbidden at all times.

Visitations are limited to Sundays only. Patients may receive four hours of guests, as well as one hour of phone usage only.

The program is 30 days long, but after that some patients will
then move to a sober living facility also run by Betty Ford. If Lindsay were to be assigned this option, she would then move into a home with a few other girls in the program until she’s deemed ready for outpatient treatment.

It sounds like they run a pretty tight ship around there, but this is exactly what Lindsay needs to get back on track! Doesn’t sound like she’s getting out of this one early!