First Look: Lindsay Lohan on the Set of Glee

May 9, 2012 By:
First Look: Lindsay Lohan on the Set of Glee

For those of you don’t think Lindsay Lohan has what it takes to stage a comeback, we have proof that Lindsay is working! Exhibit A: photos of Lindsay from the set of “Glee”.

Ok, so it’s not exactly an Oscar winning role, but Lindsay showed up to something, learned some lines, and played a character, even though the character she played was herself. Whatever, the girl has something to file for the 2012 tax year!

In the stills from the set, Lindsay is seen playing herself as a judge at Nationals.

In one photo she opens her mouth in a “I’m having a debate” face. She’s probably saying something like “I Love The New Directions, they should win!”

In the next photo she stands next to Rex Lee aka the funny gay Asian assistant from “Entourage,” and shows off her famous duck lips. Quack, quack. She’s probably saying, “I love singing! I also love collagen in my face!”

In the last photo she waves while walking on stage, this is what I assume is the “Meet your celebrity judges” moment of the episode.

Lindsay is rocking her signature long strawberry blonde locks while wearing a black and white patterned tank dress.

The special two-hour episode, “Props/Nationals” will air on Tuesday May 15 at 8pm.