FBI Investigating Lindsay's Stalkers

December 20, 2010 By:
FBI Investigating Lindsay's Stalkers

Lindsay Lohan's stalker situation has been on an all time high lately.

Not only does she have a creepy psycho paparazzi following her every move, Sam Lutfi, the guy reportedly responsible for Britney's 2008 meltdown, has reportedly been stalking her and her family through text messages.

The situation has gotten so bad Lindsay's camp has contacted the FBI and these fools are now being investigated, reports TMZ.

As we previously reported, Sam has reportedly been sending Lindsay some crazy texts about how he knows her every move. She had to be moved from the Betty Ford sober house due to the crazy stalker situation.

He's also reportedly been sending Dina wild messages bad mouthing her and threatening her.

This just goes to show you there are some seriously disturbed people in the world. Poor girl is having a hard enough time staying clean and sober and now she has to deal with this crap? A judge should make all these losers pay for her therapy.