Emergency Hearing Called for Lindsay's SCRAM Bracelet

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Emergency Hearing Called for Lindsay\'s SCRAM Bracelet
How stupid could Lindsay Lohan be? She's wearing a SCRAM bracelet that goes off every time she drinks and it coincidentally went off while she was partying her ass off on Sunday.

An emergency hearing was just called for Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet after it went off while she partying at Katy Perry’s after party at Las Palmas on Sunday. Her excuse? Her "Friend Johnny put a light up bracelet on my boots." Sure he did!

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Shawn Chapman Holley, who is representing Lindsay, was spotted by Radaronline at the Beverly Hills Court House for the emergency status conference, along with Danette Meyers, the prosecutor on her DUI probation case.

We'd love to say "Lindsay faces serious jail time if she's in violation of her probation," but we all know she's going to get away with it.

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She served less than a day in jail after getting two DUI's before she was of legal drinking age, kidnapping a few people and walking into the police station with cocaine in her pocket. Doubt she'll have to do any time behind bars for this one too. Sad!
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