Dr. Drew on Lindsay's Photoshoot: Bad Idea!

November 12, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew on Lindsay's Photoshoot: Bad Idea!

Dr. Drew was on hand to comment on Lindsay Lohan’s photoshoot offer—shocking I know!

TMZ stalked the doc at a restaurant yesterday and asked if it was a good idea for Lilo to be getting work from rehab.

Lindsay Lohan Scores Work from Rehab

He responded, “Going past [to the sober house] is something she earned so it’s a great sign.”

But he added, “Going back to work too soon is not great for her. It goes both ways.”

“It’s all great, she’s doing what she needs to do in treatment and she’s earning the right to that,” Dr. Drew said. “But don’t go back to work too fast.”

Lohan Family Reunion Underway

“That’s what takes celebrities down,” he added.

“This is the beginning of the distractions that will take her away from her treatment. The treatment’s got to be the priority of her life for the next three to six months,” he explained. “She should be focused on her treatment—not on her work.”

Doing little bits and pieces of work here and there I understand,” said the doc. “She’s got financial issues, but if that takes over, it’s not going to go well.”

Those aren’t the only “issues” she has! We agree with Dr. Drew! Is a photoshoot really that important that she needs to leave rehab? I think not!