Dr. Drew On Lindsay: She's Going to Lose a Limb

June 5, 2009 By:
Dr. Drew On Lindsay: She's Going to Lose a Limb

Dr. Drew Pinsky
is best known for his sex advice show and for helping celebrities with their addictions. His new show Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew is next on the list. But if there’s one celeb Dr. Drew thinks needs help, it’s Lindsay Lohan.

Dr. Drew spoke with Parade magazine recently, and gave his stern warning to Lindsay.

He told the mag: "I'm convinced that she'll get sober one day. But I'm afraid that between now and then, she may get a nearly mortal wound of some type. I'm really convinced that something horrible is going to have to happen to her before she really gets over it and embraces sobriety. She needs to give it up. And it's going to be a while before she does. I have this image that she's going to lose a limb or something before she does. And it scares me."

Pretty scary statement! Although we’ve never thought of Lindsay losing a limb, we can’t help but think Dr. Drew is probably right. If it’s not a limb, she’ll probably just lose it in general!

Lindsay still hasn’t realized the way she’s perceived by the public, and that’s the scariest part. She thinks she’s just fine!

Do you agree that Lindsay is dangerously close to hurting herself?