Dr. Drew On Lindsay Lohan Drama: 'She's Not Going in a Great Direction'

December 13, 2011 By:
Dr. Drew On Lindsay Lohan Drama: 'She's Not Going in a Great Direction'

Between stolen Chanel bags and leaked Playboy photos, Lindsay Lohan knows how to stay relevant. Sure, it might not always be in the most positive way, but hey, she’s in the news.

Lindsay’s recent trouble in Hawaii is her latest run-in with drama. Most of us have lost a wallet or a purse at some point in our lives, but most of us don’t keep probation papers in them.

Lohan was worried her ID and documentation would be stolen when her purse went missing, and since she’s due back in court this week, being stuck in Hawaii wouldn’t be the awesome tropical vacation it sounds like.

Hollyscoop talked to celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinsky at the CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute event this weekend. Dr. Drew offered his perspective on Lindsay and her latest troubles:

“I mean, it’s not a surprise Lindsay is trying to make a living,” Dr. Drew said of her Playboy spread. “I wish her the best, but she’s not going in a great direction,” he told Hollyscoop.

Dr. Drew is familiar with the Lohan family drama, as he tried to help Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, on the latest season of Celebrity Rehab. Michael has been serving time at a court-ordered treatment facility, where he’s been participating in anger-management intervention.

Hollyscoop talked to Michael about his daughter’s behavior, and he had a grim outlook on her direction:

“She’s not even [going to be] working at the morgue, she will be in the morgue if she doesn’t get off the prescription drugs,” Michael told Hollyscoop. “I’m telling you it’s eating me up inside.”
Michael blames Lindsay’s problems on the people she has in her life:

“The people around Lindsay don’t have her doing the things she supposed to do,” Michel told us. “I’ve been trying to get her but her phone goes straight to voicemail or she doesn’t pick up or most of the times the phone’s turned off.”

Michael said of Lindsay’s behavior: “I’m so fed up with what I’ve seen.”

During Lindsay’s stolen purse drama, the starlet made an odd reference about her supposedly estranged father. On audio recorded during the incident, Lohan says, “My dad will kill me.”

Lohan also says: “I will f-cking kill someone if I even have to get questioned (inaudible) jail for a year.”

During a previous probation hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner expressed her displeasure with Lindsay’s globetrotting. Lohan is due back in court for a progress hearing on Wednesday.