Dr. Drew Offers Lindsay $1 Million to Get Clean

April 28, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew Offers Lindsay $1 Million to Get Clean

Lindsay Lohan must really really really need her drugs. Dr. Drew Pinsky has reportedly offered the troubled starlet $1 million to clean up her act.

According to TMZ, the famous doctor approached Lindsay to be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab, but she refused.

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Sources say Lindsay didn’t even think twice about the offer because she doesn’t think she has a problem, and she wants nothing to do with Dr. Drew, who has been extremely vocal about what a mess she is.

And Lindsay’s not the only one who’s pretending she doesn’t have substance abuse problems—we hear Heather Locklear brutally rebuffed the offer as well.

Brooke Mueller’s people also shut down Dr. Drew, so now he’s going after Charlie Sheen! Jenna Jameson’s people have also been approached, but—yep, you guessed it—she doesn’t have a “problem.”

We love it! He’s fearless! He’s the only one in Hollywood who has the balls to stand up to these people. Keep trying Dr. Drew! Filming starts on May10th, so he still has time to convince these celebs they’re all hot messes who need help!