Dr. Drew: Lindsay Has to Suffer Before It Gets Better

October 14, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew: Lindsay Has to Suffer Before It Gets Better

Lindsay Lohan is currently at Betty Ford clinic getting treated for a cocaine addiction, and even there she's getting press for having a bad reputation.

We've heard she's tried to escape from rehab, been throwing diva fits, and has relapsed. But apparently, none of it's true! According to her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, Lilo is doing really great in rehab!

This is Lindsay's fifth attempt at rehab and while we hear she's making great progress, it's the enablers on the outside who are the big problem.

Dr. Drew believes that the fifth time can be the charm for Lindsay, but only if she's willing to do what is asked of her. And take it from him--he knows a lot about celebrities (and people in general) who suffer from substance abuse.

"She’s in a good program now and she needs to just stay there and follow direction and just do what is asked of her," Dr. Drew told Hollyscoop at the Jackass 3D movie premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Wednesday night.

And he believes things have to get really bad for her before they get better. "She would be a wonderful recovery person someday. It's just what she is going to suffer before that happens," he added.

Lindsay's going to stay in rehab for another few weeks and judging by her past, only time will tell if she relapses again. Seems a little scary to hear Dr. Drew say Lindsay has to suffer before she gets better. But it's true--and it's the only way she'll realize the magnitude of her illness.

Do you think she'll make an effort to stay clean this time around?