Dr. Drew Apologizes to Lindsay Lohan

June 7, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew Apologizes to Lindsay Lohan

Dr. Drew and Lindsay Lohan have been at war ever since he made comments about her alleged substance abuse, but he's ready to put the bad blood behind them.

Dr. Drew apologized to Lindsay via Hollyscoop on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards for comments he made about how she should be framed, jailed and sent to rehab for her public battle with booze and drugs.

Dr. Drew: Lindsay Should Be Arrested and Sent to Rehab

Dr. Drew told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, "I would say, 'Look, I hope you are okay. I don't know you. If I can help, but I would be happy to.'"

He added, "I hope I have not caused you any distress. The things I have said for instance that have seemed to caused her to get the most upset was when I was speculating what I would do if my daughter were behaving the way she was. She seems to be fine right now and I hope she continues to do well."

According to eyewitnesses Lindsay asked for her seats at the MTV awards to be switched because she was sitting too close to Dr. Drew. They also almost had a run in at KROQ's Weenie Roast over the weekend.

"We were supposed to be at the same concert yesterday and I was hoping to reach out to her and apologize if I have caused her any distress. That is not my intention," Dr. Drew told Hollyscoop.

"I have never met Lindsay or her dad. People ask me and I sort of speculate but I have learned to keep my pie hole shut," Dr. Drew added.

That was so well-put! Lindsay should realize that Dr. Drew is being the bigger person by apologizing to her, even though she clearly needs professional help.

Check out our exclusive video with Dr. Drew below...