Dina to Lindsay: You Don't Need Your Father

November 15, 2010 By:
Dina to Lindsay: You Don't Need Your Father

Just when we thought the Lohan family drama was coming to an end, Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina is at it again.

Dina is so furious that Lindsay has let her father Michael Lohan back in the her life, she's reportedly trying anything in her power to sabotage the relationship.

Dr. Drew Weighs in on Lindsay's Situation

On Saturday night Michael stopped by Lindsay's apartment in LA to drop off some cupcakes and Chinese food, but Dina forced Lindsay to turn him away.

"Lindsay was furious over her mother's actions and was brought to tears," a source close to the Lohan's tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY.

Lindsay Trying to Leave Rehab for Porn Flick

"Michael can't understand why a 'caring mother' would put her daughter in such a position when she's in recovery," adds our source.

It's no secret that Dina and Michael aren't on good terms (and there's a restraining order to prove it), but apparently Dina is furious that Michael moved to LA to be closer to Lindsay.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has been approved to leave Betty Ford to head to the East Coast to be with Dina and her siblings for the holidays. One person who will obviously be absent will be Michael Lohan.

Lindsay Reunites With Dad Michael

You would think that Dina would put Lindsay's health and recovery before her own feelings, but she's just too selfish to let that happen. She's always been one of Lindsay's enablers, so I hope Betty Ford sends a few staff members along on this holiday vaca. It’s such a shame that they can’t just put their differences aside for a few days for the well being of their daughter.