Dina Lohan to Lindsay: Eat More McDonald's

February 17, 2009 By:
Dina Lohan to Lindsay: Eat More McDonald's

There's no denying it--Lindsay Lohan is disappearing before our very eyes. The once voluptuous starlet has lost so much weight, her suddenly thin frame has become the topic of conversation all week.

Lindsay has already talked to the press insisting her weight loss is "not intentional" and blamed it on "stress ... and lack of sleep when I travel."

Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan is now chiming in on her weight insisting it wouldn’t kill her daughter to add a few pounds. “I told Lindsay I think she’s a little thin,” Dina admitted.

“But we go through this every couple of months. My daughter is happy and healthy and that’s all that really matters.”

“I don’t know why people care about other people’s weight. I think they should look in their own mirror and stare at themselves,” Dina told Billy Bush at Access Hollywood.

“I’m a mom. If I see my daughter a little thin, I say, ‘Eat more McDonald’s.’”

It's going to take a lot more than a few McDonald's burgers for Lindsay to look like her old self. Just for reference, we posted a photo of Lindsay in February '08 and one of her taken just this week. What a difference a year makes.