Did Dina Lohan Blow Her Foreclosure Payment?

February 8, 2013 By:
Did Dina Lohan Blow Her Foreclosure Payment?
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Dina Lohan’s house in Merrick is reportedly in foreclosure.

In order to assist with the situation her ex-husband, Michael Lohan, says he gifted her $8,500. But he tells Hollyscoop that the money was used elsewhere.

In an emailed statement, the patriarch complains about Dina's ongoing irresponsibility…

“She wanted me to send it to her directly instead of through child support—if I had, I wouldn't get credit—but I learned my lesson because Dina doesn't report any of the money I send her to child support or the kids!” he writes.


According to the New York Post, Dina has been served a foreclosure notice on her home in Merrick, NY. Michael confirms the reports to HS…

“The foreclosure is only the beginning because she has about 10 judgments against her, amounting to over a million dollars and $100,000 to me!” he says.

While it was previously reported that Lindsay was staying with Dina at the house, it now appears that she has found a friend’s Penthouse to shack up in the city for the time being.

Michael tells us that Dina is spiraling in “a lonely and dark world.”

“It only lends to what I have been saying about lying to the public and even yourself and how it comes back to a person,” he says. “Dina loves the word Karma and now AGAIN, she is feeling the wrath of God!”