Dina Lohan Says Michael is Evil for Talking About Lindsay

March 30, 2010 By:
Dina Lohan Says Michael is Evil for Talking About Lindsay

Michael Lohan just held a press conference to discuss the state of his daughter Lindsay Lohan. He said he's worried she'll become another DJ AM or Brittany Murphy if she doesn't stop partying so hard.

He told reporters Lindsay is "not ok" and that the people enabling her to do drugs and alcohol need to "get the hell out of the way."

Michael Lohan Wants to Hire Security to Protect Lindsay

Michael thinks the best place for Lindsay right now is rehab--but this time he thinks she needs to get far away from the cush LA facilities. Lohan thinks coming back Long Island to enroll in a program is a much safer idea.

Dina Lohan did not attend the conference, but has had plenty to say about it. She tells TMZ Michael's claims are outrageous. "I have a criminal protective order against him 'til 2011," she said. "He's 1 year behind in child support and he's using this [Lindsay's problems] as a diversion."

Michael Lohan: Lies About Lindsay Could Kill Her

She added, "Lindsay is in good hands. Everything is fine. He's trashing a child he doesn't even see."

Those are some pretty hefty allegations Dina is making! Michael isn't exactly "trashing Lindsay," as Dina puts it. Rather, he's bringing attention to the fact that he's willing to help his daughter! Unfortunately, like Dina, Lindsay doesn't believe she needs help.