Dina Lohan Paid $15K for GMA Interview

February 21, 2011 By:
Dina Lohan Paid $15K for GMA Interview

Since Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab and jail in the last year, her momager Dina Lohan hasn't made much money.

So what does a concerned Mom do? In Dina's case, she went behind Lindsay's back and gave Good Morning America an exclusive interview about Linds, in which she was paid $15,000.

Lindsay had no idea her mom was going to go on national television to talk about her problems and was reportedly "devastated" about the whole thing, but you wave a dollar in front of Dina and she'll do just about anything.

When GMA was asked about the fee they didn't deny it but claimed the $15K fee was for licensed photos. Riiiight.

"We did pay a license fee. We did pay a market-rate license fee for those images, and that was transparent to our audience," confirms an ABC News rep.

According to the Post, this tactic is "used by news agencies who can't legitimately pay for interviews with subjects who refuse to appear without a fee."

Well Dina you've already betrayed and pissed off your daughter, so why stop now? There are tons of TV shows that would love to have you on this week. Such a sellout. In case you missed her GMA interview, here it is: