Dina Lohan: Lindsay Was Cutting Herself

November 11, 2009 By:
Dina Lohan: Lindsay Was Cutting Herself

The ever so classy Michael Lohan strikes again. Michael has released yet another voicemail from his ex wife Dina, this time it's of Dina claiming Lindsay Lohan cuts herself.

In a voicemail obtained by Radaronline, Dina calls Michael to talk about Lindsay's dire situation. They both try to blame the other person for Lindsay's downfall then the shocking bombshell is revealed.

Michael is talking with Dina, telling her that he represents the bad things in her life and Dina interrupts him, saying "Her cutting herself and hurting herself? Yeah, it's bad Michael, it's bad."

Last week Dina blamed all of Lindsay's problems on Michael saying, "If something happens...I will feel it's all your fault, that's how I will feel, it's not about me."

These two need to grow up and realize that pointing fingers isn't going to get them anywhere. Lindsay clearly needs help. According to her father, she has a drug an alcohol problem and according to Dina, she's causing physical harm to herself. That's not normal!

The Lohan's have to be one of the most messed up families in the history of show business. Michael's only concern is making a quick buck and Dina just wants to ride her daughter’s coattails and become famous. Grow up you two! Your daughter is mess and needs some serious help...before it's too late!