Dina Lohan: Lindsay Pens Letters to Fans from Rehab

August 17, 2010 By:
Dina Lohan: Lindsay Pens Letters to Fans from Rehab

Want to hear from Lindsay Lohan?! Well, if you write her a letter while she’s in rehab, you may hear back from her! At least that’s what Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan claims.

In her latest happy-go-lucky interview with Extra, Dina talks about how “great” her daughter is doing, and how she spends her days in treatment.

"She's just thankful and grateful for all of her fans," Dina claims. "They have been sending her letters and cards, and Lindsay has been answering them, so we're really pleased about that."

Dina also touches upon the support they’ve received from Kim Kardashian and her family. "Yeah, she's been great. I'm friends with her mom, Kris, and they've been successful in their own right as well. We love them."

Mama Lohan also says Lindsay is very busy in rehab working on her 6126 fashion line. "Lindsay's busy every day, actually, sketching," Dina says. "We're great, we're doing well.”

Wow! Some “rehab” stint! Check out the awkwardness below.