Dina Lohan: Lindsay Has "Team" Surrounding Her

April 8, 2010 By:
Dina Lohan: Lindsay Has

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina claims to have a protective "team" surrounding her very famous daughter and insists there's nothing wrong with her lifestyle. Um...she stumbles out of clubs barely coherent every other night!

Dina Lohan says, “I don’t really listen to what Michael says. I have a team behind Lindsay. I’m certainly not going to tell you or the public what I’m doing but I definitely don’t sit idle and do nothing. We have a tight inner circle and we keep things private as a family.”

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She also claims that she's not the only one in the family that despises her ex husband Michael, her kids feel the same way, or so she says.

She added to Radaronline: “Michael has no relationship with his children. He has no visitation. My daughter Ali has a block on her phone, my little one doesn’t talk to him, my older son Michael is in college and doesn’t talk to him and Lindsay has no relationship with him. He has hurt them deeply by what he’s done publicly and it breaks my heart.

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“I can’t make him be a better father, but I want him to stop hurting Lindsay publicly. He needs to focus on his three other children and take care of them. It’s time for him to be quiet for while.”

Just this week Michael Lohan announced his engagement to girlfriend Kate Major, which of course pissed off Dina. She added, “Where he’s finding money for engagement rings and weddings I don’t know. He’s nine months behind in his child support. I wish him the best, but pay for the kids you already have.”

We get that she doesn't like her ex husband, but where is this so-called protective "team" she has surrounding Lindsay? That girl is on a downward spiral and things aren't looking too good. Dina seems to be in denial about Lindsay's horrible lifestyle, which is really sad. She seems to care more about fame than her own daughter.