Dina Lohan: I'm a Victim of Domestic Violence

November 11, 2009 By:
Dina Lohan: I'm a Victim of Domestic Violence

Dina Lohan decided to use TMZ as her platform today to discuss her estranged husband Michael Lohan, and how he’s ripping her family apart.

Dina spoke with them today, saying, “It’s time now that someone has to speak out for my children because I not only have Lindsay, but I have four children who have to go to school everyday, and my son’s in college, gets ridiculed on the lacrosse field, so you know, it’s just got to stop.”

Dina talked about her reaction to the audio recordings taken by Michael Lohan, portraying Lindsay Lohan as a girl with serious problems.

She said, “To me, it’s so hurtful to my children more than myself. I don’t care what he says about me. A child goes to a parent in a weak moment, and for them to eliminate that worldwide and do that to your own child is just inconceivable to me.”

As for Lindsay’s reaction to her father releasing the tapes, Dina says, “Lindsay knows in her heart that I’m a victim of domestic violence.”

Dina also confirms that Lindsay hasn’t spoken to her father in months, despite him claiming they met up in LA. Dina says the tapes are edited.

As for what’s next, Dina claims the DA is watching Michael’s every move, and Dina has hired security to live with her in her house so she’s protected at all times.

Scary situation! For the full interview watch below.