Dina: Lindsay's Not Talking to Her Dad Anymore

March 16, 2011 By:
Dina: Lindsay's Not Talking to Her Dad Anymore

After checking into Celebrity Rehab for his anger issues, Michael Lohan has yet to receive any support from the rest of the family, and now, his own daughter isn't speaking to him.

Come on, Lohans, support the guy! He’s trying to get help, and you should be there for him. Because I really, really want to see that episode happen.

In an interview with Radaronline, Dina said Lindsay Lohan is not speaking to her father, and added, “I have a criminal stay away order in place. He can not come within 100 yards of me.”

For some reason, I picture Michael following Dina at 101 yards yelling, “Come oooon! Be on the show!”

But, contrary to reports, Dina says she hasn’t even been asked to be on the show.

“I would never go to see him on 'family day', or on camera, ever,” Dina told Radaronline.com.