Dina Is Not Going to be Happy About This One!

December 7, 2010 By:
Dina Is Not Going to be Happy About This One!

Sorry Linds, no white Christmas for you this year. Lindsay Lohan won't be allowed to go back home to Long Island for the holidays thanks to the whole rehab thing and if anyone is pissed about it it's mama Dina.

Dina knows that staying in LA will result in Lindsay hanging out with her dad Michael, and nothing annoys her more than the thought of her daughter being on good terms with her dad. Mother of the year awards on line one...

Lindsay has been doing great at Betty Ford and while she's allowed to leave for day trips, there's no way in hell they'll let her fly all the way to New York and be with her enabler mother.

“Lindsay won’t be allowed to leave the state of California for Christmas — period. It was never a consideration for Thanksgiving and it won’t be for Christmas. Dina wants her home, but her dad Michael is supporting whatever Lindsay’s treatment team is recommending.”

As long as Dina has access to Lindsay's bank accounts and credit cards for the holidays, I'm sure she won't make too big of a deal out of it.

On a side note someone needs to tell Lindsay to stop getting her lips done. She's starting to look like a deformed duck.