Did Lindsay Booze Post-MTV Movie Awards?

June 8, 2010 By:
Did Lindsay Booze Post-MTV Movie Awards?

Lindsay Lohan may be facing the judge sooner than she expected. According to a new report, her alcohol monitoring SCRAM bracelet went off after the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

Lindsay was spotted partying at Katy Perry’s after party at Las Palmas, but eyewitnesses told us she stuck to energy drinks that night. But because her bracelet went off, the company that monitors her alcohol levels is required to send a report to the court that is overseeing Lindsay’s DUI probation case.

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“The judge will get a report from the SCRAM company and it will detail Lindsay’s alcohol level,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

If Lindsay did had alcohol in her system that night, it would be a violation of Judge Revel’s order to abstain from drinking. A probation violation hearing is already set for next month.

It is possible the SCRAM bracelet malfunctioned but some people close to the situation say that’s highly unlikely.

Lindsay briefly addressed the rumor of her bracelet lighting up in red via her Twitter. She wrote: “Haha! Last night-My friend Johnny put a light up bracelet on my boots and someone asked me if my SCRAM was lighting up RED.... Well it was a light up bracelet from the bathroom-regardless..paparazzi now see through black suede fringe Christian Louboutin boots? Wow!”

Time will tell if Lindsay is still sober! Stay tuned!