Desperate Lindsay Lohan Strips for Magazine

July 19, 2010 By:
Desperate Lindsay Lohan Strips for Magazine

Lindsay Lohan may be heading off to jail tomorrow morning, but not without having a scantily-clad photo shoot come out right before!

Lindsay stripped down for a spread in Complex magazine aimed at making her look like a sexy superhero figure. The mag writes:

“She may have been a Disney ingenue, but about five years ago she took a hard left, and we've been loving her for it—movies or no movies. So yea we've been angling to get her on the cover for a minute now. And when it happened? We're about to remind people that they've been underestimating Lindsay.”

Talk about an ass-kissing! Complex downplays Lindsay’s last five years, and says she’s not really lost, she’s just “trying to hide from the vultures.”

Hmm, then why (up until her sentencing) was she out in Hollywood every night of the week?! The whole thing is a little bizarre, considering Lindsay was late to her photo shoot for them. They continued:

“The Complex cover shoot! She shows up five hours late at 12:30 a.m.—earlier than we'd figured, actually.”

Click here for the full article….we hope she was paid for this, because it’s still not doing anything for her reputation!