Delusional Dina Doesn't Think Lindsay Needs Rehab

July 9, 2010 By:
Delusional Dina Doesn't Think Lindsay Needs Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is apparently "petrified" about going to jail--and we don't blame her!

Lilo's fame hungry mother Dina Lohan went on ET (of course!) to talk about how unfair her daughters sentencing was and the usual "Lindsay is innocent" excuses and get this--she claims Lindsay is "clean and sober." Sure!

Dina said: “Lindsay's scared to death… It's very difficult, we're not sleeping well, we're not functioning. We cry a lot and we hug a lot. She's petrified, we all are. We're angry. We're disappointed in the system.

"You know, she's strong, but until someone faces something as devastating as that... we're going to have to see. God willing, it won't happen. She's a fighter, and until the final result - we're not giving up."

And jail won't be the end of it, she has to spend an additional 90 days at a rehabilitation centre within 48 hours of her release.

And of course Dina insists Lindsay is "clean and sober" and doesn't need rehab.

She said, "She did a really stupid thing. Thank God she didn't hurt anyone… I know my daughter is clean and sober today. I know that for a fact. I'm not a doctor… and I'm not an attorney. I'm a mother. And I'm sitting here, as a mother, just worried about my child."

If there's one thing Lindsay isn't--it's clean and sober. Wake up Dina! This is the kind of attitude that landed Lindsay where she is. She got an additional 30 days for cocaine possession! Let her get the help she needs instead of continuing to deny that she has a problem.