Dad Confirms Lindsay Lohan to Open Rehab Center

October 7, 2013 By:
Dad Confirms Lindsay Lohan to Open Rehab Center
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If you’re looking to clean up your act and considering your rehabilitation options, wouldn’t you want to follow in the straight and narrow footsteps of someone who’s also been through it?

That’s where Lindsay Lohan’s mind is at, according to a few reports out there, and they swear it’s an idea she didn’t hatch while drunk.

As she continues down the path of sobriety, Lindsay is thinking about how she can help others—namely by opening her own rehab center.

Hollyscoop reached out to Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan who confirmed to us that it is a project she’s considering pursuing.

“All I know is that since I am in the business and she is doing so well, she would like to give back,” Michael said. “She did mention it!”

Some outlets are reporting that Lindsay is casually soliciting investors, talking up her wealthy friends and connections to gauge the interest in a Lindsay-endorsed facility.

If she can help others, great! But let’s hope it doesn’t get in the way of Lindsay focusing on her acting career either.