Confirmed: Lindsay Lohan Got the Elizabeth Taylor Role

February 21, 2012 By:
Confirmed: Lindsay Lohan Got the Elizabeth Taylor Role

Lindsay Lohan is going from professional boob exhibitioner back to actress. That's right, the 'Playboy' cover girl has a legit job now. Remember that made-for-TV Elizabeth Taylor role she was rumored to be up for? Turns out, she's nabbed it and will be starring in the Lifetime movie.

A source says that as long as Lindsay keeps her head on straight and fulfills all the obligations of her probation, she will be starring in 'Liz and Dick'. And yes, the movie title is perfect fodder for dirty jokes that I'm too lazy to make right now. I can't always spoon-feed you your sex puns, people. Use your imagination.

Anyway, just last week Lindsay took some photographs with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. In one shot she was wearing an Elizabeth Taylor shirt, so I guess that paid off. And have you seen the work of Terry Richardson? This man is a genius. He could take a picture of Danny DeVito and it'd come out looking like Bradley Cooper.

Between this and Lindsay's confirmed SNL hosting gig, looks like she's all set for a comeback.

'Liz and Dick' is set to be produced by Larry Thompson, and it's been in development since the death of Taylor.
Lindsay is due back in court tomorrow morning. During her last hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner praised her for her work at the Los Angeles County Morgue. IT was part of her sentence for violating her probation stemming from her 2007 DUI arrest.

'Judge Sautner said: "I'm pleased to say she's done it all. Just keep doing what you're doing, you appear to be doing it well. The probation officer has written a favorable report, as has the volunteer center."