Child Protection Services to Go After Lindsay

April 26, 2010 By:
Child Protection Services to Go After Lindsay

The Lohan family drama continues! Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan is convinced (and he’s probably right!) that Lindsay is a bad influence on his younger daughter Ali Lohan and is planning on getting child protection services involved if his ex wife Dina Lohan doesn’t step in.

Dina, who is clearly in denial about her daughter's well being, claims everything is “fine” and Michael Lohan is just stirring up trouble. But Michael says he’s stepping in because he doesn’t want to see his “daughter die.”

Lindsay Lohan Involved in Bar Fight

Lindsay is reportedly ready to file a restraining order against her father, but according to Michael, she has no ground for it.

"I spoke to their lawyers and they told me they have no grounds to get a restraining order." Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY in regards to rumors that Lindsay, Dina and Lindsay's landlord are going to file for a restraining order.

Dina Lohan is in Denial

"How many times has Dina said she will get a restraining order? She has done this a dozen times," he continued. "If this is the way she wants to go [about fixing the problem] instead of addressing my daughters issue then it just shows you where her heart and minds are at."

Michael is tired of Dina making up excuses for their daughter and is going to do what he should have done a long time ago--get child protection services involved! "I'm going to bring child protective services into the picture in New York. She has no right whatsoever allowing Ali, a 16 year-old to come out here without supervision given the situation Lindsay is in," said Michael.

And he has an ultimatum for Dina: help me or I’m getting the courts involved! “I'm issuing Diana an ultimatum now,” Michael tells Hollyscoop. “She sits down and mediates with me with regards about getting my daughter help or I'm going to court and I'm getting child protective services involved.”

Producers to Lindsay: We Don't Want You On The Other Side

In regards to rumors that he's going to try to gain a conservatorship over Lindsay, Michael said, "I'm leaving that up to my lawyers. This afternoon we will know and it will be announced who that attorney will be... If you don't feel I'm the right person that's okay, as long as they do get someone in there to help her. That is all I care about."

And a restraining order and conservatorship are the least of Lindsay’s worries right now. Producers from ‘The Other Side’ dropped her from their movie claiming she’s unreliable and not “bankable.”

And she certainly can’t party away her woos anymore because on Friday night she was escorted out of (and banned from) Trousdale nightclub in Los Angeles after she attacked her ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay’s on a downward spiral and it seems like things go from bad to worse every day. Unfortunately she won’t learn her lesson until she truly hits rock bottom.