Cheryl Hines: "It's Challenging" Being Lindsay

April 28, 2009 By:
Cheryl Hines:

Lindsay Lohan's life has been on a downward spiral for--well years--so why hasn't anyone intervened to get her some help, and help her get her career back on track?

Her last movie Labor Pains is going straight to TV, then DVD, and her personal life is always overshadowing her career, so much so that she literally almost has no career left.

So what will it take to 'save' Lindsay? According to her former Labor Pains co-star Cheryl Hines, she needs to gather "some knowledge."

Director/actress Cheryl Hines spoke exclusively with Hollyscoop at The Tribeca Film Festival’s premiere of her new film Serious Moonlight as well as her serious advice for her former co-star Lindsay.

“It's hard,” says Cheryl about seeing Lindsay's public scrutiny. Adding that Lindsay is “still a young person trying to figure it out."

"It's challenging," she adds. Cheryl said and she suggests for Lindsay to “gather as much knowledge as you can and apply it.”

This advice comes from a hilarious woman, strong enough to handle playing Larry David’s TV wife! Lindsay Lohan should seriously listen up. But will she?