Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan $100,000 To Pay Debts

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Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan $100,000 To Pay Debts
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Talk about friends with benefits.

Even though Lindsay Lohan is a big time movie star, apparently Lifetime movies just don’t support the celebrity lifestyle anymore, so Lindsay has turned to groveling to other movie stars to help her pay off her enormous debts.

Lindsay owes $233,904 to the IRS from 2009 and 2010 and since it’s 2012, she’s obviously not getting it together. In walks Charlie Sheen to save the day who has just gifted the actress $100,000 to pay down half the bill.

If you remember, Lindsay and Charlie appear in a scene together in the upcoming Scary Movie 5where they play lovers, or something. 

Apparently while they pretended to get close between the sheets, they actually got pretty close in real life. How Lindsay’s tax woes came up in conversation is beyond me, but Charlie learned about her enormous Uncle Sam debt and offered to help her out, but Lindsay declined his offer.

Anyways, Charlie went and sent her a check last week to her business manager and Lindsay was so “overjoyed” she sent it directly to the IRS.

It’s obviously pocket change for Charlie who is still living off his 2010 salary of $40 million a year, but still, didn’t they shoot Scary Movie 5 for like, one day?